Dr. Todd Eller of California

Dr. Todd Eller of California

Welcome to a website dedicated to the career and interests of Dr. Todd Eller of California. Dr. Todd Eller hopes to bring his experience to readers in order to enhance their success and knowledge.

Dr. Todd Eller Biography 

Dr. Todd Eller attained his PhD at UCLA and is the owner and director of Best Practices, an educational institution that has been providing behavioral intervention and treatment for autistic and special needs individuals for 17 years. Best Practices has served hundreds of families, providing behavioral intervention, discrete trial training, and the latest scientific methods to help children and parents. Under Dr. Todd Eller’s leadership, Best Practices has helped families across the United States to overcome the challenges of autism and special needs. 

Dr. Todd Eller is proud of the reputation Best Practices has gained for nearly two decades thanks to their services for individuals with special needs in California. 

His passion for education has led him to provide online commentary and writing for BabyFirst TV, a network that offers educational guidance to both children and adults. Dr. Eller’s contributions to the network have been instrumental in creating awareness about special needs education. 

Apart from his professional achievements, Dr. Eller is also an author of two books and has published multiple journals in his field of expertise. He is dedicated to his organization, which provides behavioral examinations and assistance to individuals with special needs. 

Dr. Eller’s expertise in the field of education is further evident from the fact that he has written the textbook for incoming professors for the Los Angeles College District.  

In addition to his experience with Best Practices, Dr. Todd Eller has also served in the largest college district in the United States. As part of the Diversity Program, Dr. Todd Eller spent ten years training over 600 incoming professors in sociology, educational tactics, and diversity. This was one of the biggest challenges in his educational career, as he had to ensure that the professors were trained to provide a high-quality education that meets the needs of diverse cultures. Though challenging, this work also proved quite rewarding as Dr. Todd Eller’s contributions helped many educators unlock their potential and assist many different students throughout their individual careers. 

Dr. Todd Eller was instrumental in creating curriculums for multiple divisions of the college district, including educational principles and other disciplines. Through his work, Dr. Todd Eller helped to develop the largest professor training program in the country. He worked with students, deans, board members, Chancellor Rodriguez, and many sitting professors to ensure that the training program was comprehensive and met the needs of both the students and professors. 

Dr. Todd Eller has also authored several publications, including “The Art of Being a Professor,” which became the official textbook for the department. His research in education has been presented at the Center for Learning Conference and has been integrated into the training for new incoming professors. Dr. Todd Eller believes that research-based teaching is the key to creating a better educational environment for students. 

In the educational media world, Dr. Todd Eller conducts educational research and also writes and directs for First Media as the Chief Educational Officer. He leads a team that brings the latest research in social behaviors, parenting, education, and health to create the number-one educational media page in the world. Dr. Todd Eller believes that educational media should have standards to enhance learning and critical thinking. His research into education taught him the importance of community outreach and understanding the educational needs of diverse cultures and civic responsibility. 

What to Expect From Dr. Todd Eller’s Website 

As one can tell from the background of Dr. Todd Eller of California, he is passionate about education. With the launch of this website, there will be a collection of videos published that are taken directly from different educational courses taught by Dr. Todd Eller. In addition to viewing these videos, readers can expect the Dr. to regularly update the blog on trending topics in: 

  • Autism Education 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Success Principles for Students 
  • Interviewing 
  • The Resume Process 
  • Motivation 
  • Health 
  • Fitness 
  • Nutrition. 

Those looking to better themselves through education are encouraged to regularly visit the blog of Dr. Todd Eller of California. Dr. Todd Eller of California thanks you for visiting the website and hopes you will come back soon for his latest blog posts.